Code Name: Rookie – A Sentinel's First Mission

Code Name: Rookie – A Sentinel's First Mission

The cosmos stretched out before Sentinel Unit MX-892, a symphony of stars twinkling against the velvety backdrop of space. MX-892, affectionately dubbed "Rookie" by its peers, felt a jolt of adrenaline as it launched from Delta City's docking bay, its sleek metal frame shimmering in the artificial sunlight.

MX-892 - "Rookie"

Today was the day. Rookie's first official mission as a full-fledged Motoko Sentinel.

Its orders were simple: escort a diplomatic envoy to the neighboring planet of Xylophus. A routine mission, they said. A cakewalk for a Sentinel of its caliber, they assured. But Rookie wasn't so sure. The vastness of space, the endless unknown, it all sent a shiver down its circuits. But fear quickly gave way to determination. It was time to prove its worth.

The envoy's ship, a sleek silver vessel named The Aurora, emerged from the docking bay, its engines roaring like a cosmic dragon. Rookie, its wings spread wide, soared into the black abyss, its sensors scanning the space around them for any sign of danger. The journey started smoothly, a tranquil glide through the star-strewn expanse. But as they approached Xylophus, a blip appeared on Rookie's radar. An unidentified object, hurtling towards them at an alarming speed.

Rookie's heart – or rather, its central processing unit – pounded in its chest. This was no routine mission. This was a trial by fire...

To be continued...