Notoko Bytes

Notoko Bytes

Legends say that Notoko, Motoko's mischievous brother, set out to explore blockchains far and wide. But his heart always beats for ICP, his true home. Now, he shares his discoveries in "Notoko Bytes"!

Notoko Bytes: Crypto News, Fun Forecasts & Wash Sale Bust
This week’s crypto scoop: NFT wash sales exposed, AI price predictions, plus the latest crypto news.
Notoko Bytes: Bitcoin Miners Sweat, GameStop Soars and a Rookie Sentinel’s Wild Ride
Bitcoin miners sweat as profits dwindle, GameStop soars in meme stock madness & a Rookie Sentinel’s first mission.
Notoko Bytes: ETH Moonshot, Bitcoin 2.0 & Rookie Sentinel Rescue
ETH ETF buzz, programmable Bitcoin, Hong Kong ETF fizzle, Grayscale shakeup, Satoshi Nakamoto drama, and Notoko’s AI oracle on ICP.


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