Introducing the Blockchain Performance Index: A Comprehensive Measure of Blockchain Efficiency

Introducing the Blockchain Performance Index: A Comprehensive Measure of Blockchain Efficiency

Happy Weekend and Welcome to the 9th edition of 'The Blockchain Explorer. With the rapid expansion of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, there's been a growing need for reliable, holistic measures to assess the efficiency and operational performance of different blockchain networks. Enter the Blockchain Performance Index (BPI), a composite metric designed to give a snapshot of a blockchain's overall performance.

What is the Blockchain Performance Index?

The Blockchain Performance Index, or BPI, is a comprehensive metric that gauges the operational efficiency of a blockchain. This innovative index covers key performance indicators like speed, finality, and transaction efficiency. The BPI can be used to evaluate and compare the performance of different blockchains, helping investors, developers, and users make informed decisions based on the operational strengths and weaknesses of various networks.

How Do We Measure the BPI?

The BPI is computed using three key components:

  1. Transactions Per Second (TPS): TPS measures the maximum number of transactions a blockchain can process in a second. This provides a measure of the network's capacity and speed.
  2. Finality: Finality refers to the time it takes for a transaction to become irreversible on a blockchain. A shorter finality time means the network confirms transactions more quickly, which benefits users who require quick, indisputable transaction verification.
  3. Average Block Time: The average block time measures the average amount of time it takes for a new block to be added to the blockchain. Shorter block times can lead to faster transaction confirmations, enhancing the user experience.

The BPI is calculated using an algorithm that combines these three factors into a single, easy-to-understand number. It is a composite metric considering multiple factors such as TPS, block time, and finality. Each of these can be assigned a weightage based on their perceived importance. The formula for the BPI would then be:

BPI = w * TPS + w * (1 / Block Time) + w * (1 / Finality)

Where W is Weight

Note that we use the inverse of block time and finality as lower values are better for these metrics.

Evaluating Major Blockchains on the BPI

In this section, we dive into how some of the major Blockchain players fare on the Blockchain Performance Index (BPI).

June 27th Reading 

Despite Avalanche boasting a shorter finality and average block time compared to Ethereum, Ethereum currently surpasses Avalanche in terms of Current transactions per second (TPS).

June 27th Reading 

The transactions per second (TPS) for Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) surpasses that of Solana (SOL), which contributes to ICP's marginally higher Blockchain Performance Index (BPI) score. However, it's noteworthy that both of these blockchains, ICP and SOL, outperform Ethereum and Avalanche in terms of their BPI scores.

The Future of the BPI

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, the BPI will evolve with it. Future iterations of the BPI could include additional factors, such as network security, level of decentralization, energy efficiency, and more. BPI will be one of the components in our main Index - CTI - Coin Transcend Index, Along with the Developers Activity Index, Tokenomics Index & Liquidity and Adoption Index (LAI)  - Look for this in our next issue of Blockchain Explorer.

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